The owner of the Truckee Auto Mall needed to freshen up his brand and build a new responsive website to fit the needs and expectations of his local audience. We redesigned the site bringing a distinctive branding and value proposition.

We launched an email campaign targeted locals that increased his calls by 30%.

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"Being a business owner these days in such a competitive marketplace, you need an edge. My edge is Sliice Marketing with Catherine Oaks. Business owners are approached almost daily by solicitors who promise everything but rarely deliver results. It can ben an expensive waste of time. Catherine has given me an education on my individual marketplace and walked me through the maze of branding and digital media. She is an accomplished author and artist in her own right, which I believe contributes to exceptional skills in design and layout.


Results? As I write this, my company is having the highest producing month in its 20 year history. My advertising costs have been reduced and I have more time to concentrate on what I do best. Perfect.

Kevin Harper - Owner, Truckee Auto Mall

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