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The Essence of a Brand: Story and Feeling


Exemplary branding is the keystone to the success of your business. Without it, you will struggle to differentiate your company in a busy marketplace. Every sale will be a battle and you’ll wonder why you have to work so hard to win customers.

Examine Your Brand

We are busy people inundated with marketing messages from companies competing for our money and our loyalty. Both online and on the street, this glut of information is overwhelming, yet we all need products and services every day.

What makes your company stand out are solutions that offer quick and easy answers, trustworthiness, progress and validation (and sometimes fun and entertainment). These are the feelings that well-planned branding and messaging create. Different design and copy elements produce these positive feelings for different people.

What attracts your target audience to you?

Your Company’s Identity

To create your business’s identity takes a lot of creative power. To see if you have what it takes, open a blank document and write a one-paragraph story that evokes the core feelings you want your business to evoke in your ideal customer.

What did you come up with? Is your brand:

Feminine or masculine?
Whimsical or professional?
Light or dark?
Old-fashioned or modern?
Paternal or friendly?
Colorful or monochromatic?


What fonts tell your story? Serif fonts give feelings of reliability and security. Sans-serif fonts are modern and forward-thinking. What size are your fonts? If your audience is either older or younger, you might want to choose larger text sizes.

Logos, Colors, Patterns, Shapes and Icons

Are you warm or cool? Sleek or ornate? Fast or slow? Angular or organic? Every design element counts and they must all work together to create a cohesive message.

Content and Style

Even the words you choose (and how these are displayed) are critical. Do you use sentence case or title case? Are certain words capitalized for emphasis? Consistency in branding subtly communicates trustworthiness.


Once you are clear on the story and feeling of your company, it’s time to create your style guide and stick to it! This document is a practical reference that allows your team to maintain the integrity of your brand. What blue is your blue? Easy; it’s aqua safe 3 (hex #66CCCC).

You’ve done all this work to tell the story of your company through branding; now you need to maintain it across all channels – websites, print, social media, emails, display ads – so your customers recognize you and are reassured by your presence.

Remember, branding is a shorthand to communicate the story of your company at a glance. Your visuals speak your message when consumers first encounter you. The next step is to convert prospects into loyal customers through your mission and value proposition.

Branding is not easy. Almost all of us need help from someone outside of our company to give us perspective and to ask the right questions. The consultants at Sliice are experts in brand makeovers. Through a series of interviews, they will make your company come to life with clarity and through award-winning design.

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