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Secrets to 1st Page Google Ranking

Are you looking for ways to increase Google rankings? Want to future-proof your website SEO for 2020 and beyond?

Here are some key steps to follow if you want to be found on the first pages of Google:

  • Market research: You need to know your competition, look at how they present themselves and how well they do on the web. Learn from their success.
  • Keyword research: A key component to successful SEO, the consistent use of the right keywords will make your listing rise up the ranks.
  • Content optimization: We’ve all heard the adage “content is king”. It is still true. Optimizing your content means incorporating phrases and words that your audience uses to seek service providers like you. On-page and Off-page SEO enable the adept marketer to use absolute URLs, find unlinked URLs and fix broken links that can be very damaging.
  • Performance optimization: Applying constant optimization on your digital assets is critical for good SEO ranking. From checking your mobile-friendliness to your load speed and using different ways to cache, using the right techniques is a game changer.
  • Link building techniques: Finding unlinked URLs and brand mentions as well as doing a link intersect between your competitors for priority links are amongst the essential tactics to implement for optimized ranking.
  • Social media: Think you can do without it? Think again. Some companies reach 1st page ranking just by using the right keywords and hashtags on their social media sites!
  • Conversion rate optimization: Using analytics to find out what drives engagement and traffic is not luxury, it’s a necessity. Start setting up tracking goals, check bounce rates and continue to speed up your site!
  • Other tools so many forget to use: Wanna get ahead faster than most? Use YouTube SEO, podcasts, write a book and use BLOGS or newsletters to build your community!

And as always, while implementing the above tools, ensure consistency in all that you do, a key component to successful marketing.

To your lasting success!

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