Time To Reset

Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin said “Turning points, while they often come from moments of darkness, can steer us in the direction of great light… or light-bulb moments”

There are moments in life where everything is showing us to turn towards a different direction. When this happens, it’s almost like a hurricane destroying everything we had originally planned. We bow to the power that is being displayed in front of us.

Then something happens that came completely out of the blue that takes us by surprise. For a moment, we feel like we’ve just been hit by thunder strikes. Our head spins. Our body aches. Our mind steers in millions of directions, overwhelmed by thoughts, questions and doubts. We are forced into a corner, or into a path that looks rocky, dangerous and uncertain. We have no idea where it will take us. It feels cold, dark and scary. We need to pull all the forces within ourselves to stand back up to react to this new reality.

Moments of sudden “perceived” darkness – as we remember that our perception of the event that is taking place in our life impacts our outcome more than the event itself - can force us into small recurring depression states, that make us question everything again, when we felt we had finally acquired some level of peace and satisfaction. Although quite upsetting, those moments, if handled properly and positively, can steer us in a direction full of new discoveries and triumph we would have never presumed. There’s a reason why we were strayed.

Life is supposed to be fun, fulfilling, exciting. If that is the case, why are we struggling so much? We want to feel good. Not just once in a while. We want to feel good most of the time. We want to savor more, laugh more, play more, joke more. That should be our focus. That should be our pursuit, but we have to determine how we’re going to make it happen, as we have so much on our plate.

How are we going to find the way to create the “reset” for a more enjoyable life?

The task can feel overwhelming. It will however be as overwhelming as we make it. We are after all the deliberate creators of our lives and because we believe that all is possible, we may be able to build it exactly as we want it.

That desire in itself stirs positive feeling. It has remarkable powers. It is warm and invigorating. It creates drive, fire and passion, prompting new energies. This is the first step to experiencing a delicious living. But we first have to believe in it. We first have to fight the inherent state of depression that is so easy to fall into.

Daily negative news invade our minds and hearts. They put us in an idle state that has the power to paralyze our entire being, thereby paralyze our entire life. Is that really what we want? Are we going to let this virus take us down completely or are we willing to fight it we all our might?

Yes, it's hard! Yes, it's scary. Yes we don't know what is to come.

But we can impact the outcome with our determination to fight.

Let's uncover the warriors in ourselves! Let's mold our mind to stay focused and determined!

Let's work our hearts to brace during this tumultuous ride!


Turning points are typically triggered by long periods of stability. Stability gives no reason for change. We are comfortable and content. Only times of unique crisis and instability motivate us to undertake fundamental shifts. We lose the equilibrium of our daily life. Our old paradigm is no longer satisfactory.

The science of astrology stipulates that we have twenty-nine turning points in our life. A new road opens up and an old one closes. A new relationship begins and an old one ceases to exist. The transition of planets can also change a person’s entire awareness and perception. It can change who we are and what we believe in. These are big, intense, scary and exciting moments. Saul Bellow says that “unless you made your life a turning point, there was no reason for existing.

It’s time to dig out the self within ourselves. Our inner self is the realm of our own innate capacities, sensitivities and awareness. We constantly experience conditioning and our inner self keeps pushing to be heard, enacted and expressed in the face of whatever path we follow. It’s sending us coded messages aimed at unlocking the mystery of our lives. It forces us to identify that which we need to face, deal with or embrace in order for our true mission to self-manifest.

Let's not be overwhelmed by fear and ponder on what would happened if nothing scared us. What would happen if we were extensively open to change, adventure, opportunity and risk?

Would we drive others to follow?

Would our world shift another direction? Would we be happier?

To your newly found peace and happiness,


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