Taking a Leap into the Future

As we have learnt again recently, whether reactionary or revolutionary, challenges and conflicts can spur from the most unexpected sources.

Whether reactionary or revolutionary, conflicts can blossom at the speed of light. The one thing we can be sure about is that they always give birth to heroes, also often called revolutionaries, undeniable thought leaders who stir society in a whole new direction.

Although revolutionary minds can initiate turmoil, they are also the generators of progress, of new art forms, new ways of working and new philosophical principles. While they don’t limit themselves to the easy or the comfortable, they are motivated by deep concerns and the belief in the realization of their dreams and expectations in a world that doesn’t always embrace different perspectives.

Those rebels are typically fierce protagonists of innovations, migrations, and discoveries. Pablos Holman, a futurist and inventor, said that “most people in the world can’t comfortably work with things that don’t exist in their mind.” He adds that “making something new takes suspension of disbelief. It takes a different mindset. And you have to cultivate that.”

It may be time to reinvent ourselves and reposition our perspective for a more progressive and fair society that does not just protect the 0.1% at the top. After all, as again proven recently, most of them have developed such comfort that they can't fathom what the rest of the world has to endure to just survive.

Could we all envision to take a deep leap into the future, asking our leaders for re-actualized fairness and just distribution of the surplus of wealth stuck in the top layers of the pyramid? Could we do it in a way that doesn’t discriminate, destroy and disenfranchise those that don’t share the same values? Could we together strive to work together, as hard working citizens, and turn our frustrations into a propelling force, creator of new ways of living?

It may be time to reinvent life as we know it.

Let’s not rest in one spot for too long and close our eyes to the inevitable evolution of humankind, in the hopes that it will all resolve itself by itself. It won’t happen that way. It could be time to stir away from national or global thinking, and get back to what we can have more control over: our neighborhoods, our smaller communities. Then, without annihilating our neighbor or taking from those that have nothing more to give, we may be able to build a higher level of self-sustainability that doesn't depend on lazy, greedy bureaucrats.

I’m certain that we can all become powerful partakers in this new paradigm. We are learning untold lessons that are, without a doubt, steering us in a different direction. It may be time to raise our ability to grow our mental strength.

Could the Enlightenment period be back?

After all, being enlightened results in being at peace. It opens doors to our ultimate liberation. It is also, often, triggered by a shock that suddenly wakes you up.

Let's build a new way of life, together. Let's build a movement that gives us the ability to work differently, within our communities. It may be time to ignite the "Age of Reason" with ideas centered on reason as the primary source of authority and legitimacy, advancing ideas like liberty, progress, tolerance, fraternity, constitutional government and separation of church and state.

Going back to history (which, by the way, always repeats itself), the Enlightenment period came to life just before the French revolution. Its core belief triggered by massive rebellions sourced by rejection of delegitimized powers ignited a movement. Is this pattern ready to be revived? Should we get ready for a massive upheaval?

Your thoughts are welcomed.


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