One Humanity. One Goal. One Dream.

Since the last economic downturn, each of us has been shaken by unexpected earthquakes that shaped our lives in surreal ways. Volcanic eruptions took us to the ground, forcing us to learn how to stand again, as we had never been presented such a scenario. We were thrown into the void, a dark, silent hole that took all our hopes and dreams, grabbing our energies by the neck, suffocating our expectations, killing any vital sign left in us. We had been left with no belongings, no savings, no “buffer.” In a way, we had lost our ties to what we thought we had become.

Since just a few weeks ago, all of this was put behind. We had almost forgotten. We thought we had overcome the worse. We were riding the new wave of economic bliss, ready for a steady rise to the top of the curve. This is when a microscopic force disrupted everything again. An invisible enemy came upon the world, upsetting its silent rotation, forcing its inhabitants to reevaluate everything, again.

A lot of us are wondering why. Why do we have to go through "this" again? Why can't we enjoy some "peace" for a while? Why do have to re-evaluate our way of life, again? Why are we forced to change our perspective on things we thought we finally had developed a grasp on?


In its liberal idealism, the nineteenth century was honestly convinced that it was on the straight and unfailing path toward being the “best of all worlds.” They believed in irresistible progress that would last for generations. People finally stopped having to fetch water from the pump or the hallways. Thanks to the telephone, they were finally able to talk at a distance from person to person. Comfort made its way from the houses of the fashionable to those of the middle class. People became stronger, handsomer, healthier and a lot of miracles were accomplished by science. And the poverty of the great masses seemed no longer insurmountable.

Reaching the twentieth century, after enduring a devastating world war, we thought we had overcome all odds. We believed not much could stop us anymore. We had made gigantic technological progress.

We could communicate with each other instantly over the Web. We had become a "world economy", a power within a power.


Everything is relative. Our experiences are built on what we live. Our choices are the result of our experiences and what we have been taught by societal rules made for all (or that’s what we have been conditioned to believe in). One would think that we would become wiser, making better choices after the gruesome challenges of our ancestors. One would hope we would leverage that knowledge to draft paths that protect us from recreating their fierce terror. One would yearn that all that suffering and loss was the reckoning for not having to undergo vile bestialities again.

Should we comfort ourselves in the belief that this turmoil we are bathing in will be the source of extraordinary discoveries, as history has proven that times of discord are times of creative breakthroughs? I personally choose to go onward, learning from the past and adjusting my strategies to the best of my abilities, so that I can shape a healthy and wealthy future, wherever that may be.

Making adequate choices will depend on how educated we are about all that surrounds us, in our neighborhood, in our country and in the far away world. It will take some clever scrutiny and acute predictions to result in a shrewd plan.  Those assessments may be crucial to our well-being and ultimately to our survival.


Today, we stand at a major turning point. An end to an era and the arising of a saga that we can’t quite figure out. Yet we have to make the best of it. We can either fall into the waves of grumblers whose sole purpose is to disturb the flow without alternative solutions. Or we can use what is presented to us and shape it to our own advantage. None of these options are easy tasks. But the latter is at least constructive, positive, and offers a future that could be brighter. After all, history mimics boomerangs. It always comes back. Every century is the source of revitalized dreams and idealisms.

Let’s stay in tune with what is an era of exponential rethinking of our way of life: socialization, urbanization, migrations, etc. All can metamorphose into exciting outcomes as technology delivers remarkable opportunities that could alleviate stagnant dramatic conditions.

The decency that I know most of us have needs to be used to build, not destroy. We just need to be whole, and utilize our “eagle” vision to clearly evaluate where we all want to land. It is a time of gathering. It is time to push away illogical divides and partisanship thinking. And it is one to dismantle illogical and unreasonable political correctness that has just been proven to be self-destructive.

Abraham Lincoln said “A nation divided politically cannot stand. I believe this nation cannot endure half debtors, half indebted, or half Republican, and half Democrat. This nation shall not dissolve nor fall if we agree that we are all in this together. We shall become what we, the American people, have always dreamed it could be.”

Let's make our ancestors proud. Let's rebound stronger together, rebuilding one new humanity with one goal and one dream of making it all even better than it was before.

To our rebirth,


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