Happiness... What is it after all?

Yes, we are in eye of the tornado. Yes, we don't know much about it.

All we hear are scenarios of possible outcome, on how our life may change and how we may have to reinvent ourselves. For once in our lifetime, we have lost control. We can't stir our vehicle where we want it to go. We can't dictate the way we want things to be. Our temper tantrums lead nowhere. We are held hostage, stuck in a holding cell, forced to imagine, listen and invent.

The notion of happiness we had for decades has been challenged. There is no doubt about that. Question is, were we experiencing true happiness or was it just a forced adaptation of what it truly is?

According to the ancient philosophy of the Vedanta, there are two types of happiness. The first comes from things turning out the way we’d like them to, i.e. getting what we want. We say, “I’m happy because. . . because I have family and friends, because I got a promotion, because I have money and security.” This kind of happiness is inherently fleeting because it depends on external reasons that can be taken away from us at any time. 

The second type of happiness, in contrast, is a state of being, not something we do or achieve. It isn’t dependent upon our mood or outer circumstances. Real happiness comes from having an unassailable connection to the deep state of unbounded awareness at our core. This state of being is our own inner joy that expresses the exuberance and wonder of being alive at this moment; it is our own essence made conscious of itself.  

I don't know about you but lately, I have been forced to take a deep dive into the essence of who I am. I have been challenged to find new ways of enjoying life as I knew it, seeking small particles of joy that I had pushed away and forgotten I had. Simple moments of joy started to spur out of the blue, only because my heart was desperately seeking to find and feel them.

Looking deep within ourselves to find the happiness that will turn over the heaviest stones in our life has become a necessity. Listening to our heart’s desires and following what brings us joy is what will open paths that we had previously closed. Choosing happiness without chasing it, but merely by allowing it to blossom.

For the past two weeks, we have been forced to stop our life. We have been granted the most precious modern currency: TIME. We have been forced to live in the present, as the future we expected had been re-routed.

In the English language, the word "present" has three distinct meanings: "here", "now" and "a gift." The more present we are in each moment; the more happiness we will find. Happiness is where we are. Happiness could also be finding ways to halt our disruptive busyness, stopping the flow of our daily activities that put us in a state of constant exhaustion, preventing us from enjoying the simplest moments of life.

I am convinced that in few weeks from now, we will start experiencing some normalcy again. We will partially be back to what we had before, but we may never be the same. Because despite our innate stubbornness, despite the confidence that made us feel invincible, we have been changed. We may, at last, have learnt what truly matters.

And like Esther and Jerry Hicks say, “by paying attention to the signals of our emotions, we can understand, with absolute precision, everything we are now living or have ever lived. And, with a precision and ease that we may have never before experienced, we can use this new understanding of our emotions to orchestrate a future experience that will please us in every way... Success is about a happy life, and a happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people do not allow the happy moments because they are so busy to get a happy life.

To your ability to enjoy strings of happy moments,


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