Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Social media has powers, strong powers. It can belong to the group of most compelling assets a business can have to develop customer touch points and drive strong brand equity.

Did you know that Nike sold $2.6 million worth of shoes that bear Michael Jordan’s name years after the basketball star left the sport? That’s because Jordan had become an integral part of the Nike brand dramatically improving its equity.

Yes Nike was smart and why should we be surprised? Nike is also consistent with its messaging, always implementing the same look and feel, you know, the colors, fonts and photos that we instantly recognize as being Nike’s.

So how can we leverage social media to build stronger brand equity? A brand’s online presence through powerful social media communication is an asset that builds equity in any company’s brand as it adds value to not only the brand, but to its consumers.

Social media caters to lively conversations and to the place where big news are first exposed by ever-hungry influencers who can’t live a minute without their second of fame! Those conversations build trust and opinions even before a direct personal experience takes place, increasing the likelihood of proactive discovery, and ultimately conversion.

I’m sure that you’re now wondering how much money and time it takes to actually be able to do a good enough job to build that consistency and brand equity that will generate sales. It doesn’t take as much as you think as when you have the right brand foundations and compelling messaging in place, you can build graphic templates that boast relevant points in a matter of minutes.

Again, it’s all about BRANDING, your foundation to long-lasting success.

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