Google and its Fact Check Markers: A Powerful Recipe for traffic and sales.

Google has recently announced that it is adding new fact check markers to Google Image Search results, in order to ensure searchers are aware of what each image actually represents.

In case you are not aware (yet), you can generate traffic to your website or improve your Google ranking by using attractive imagery that contains a summary of the fact check that appears on the underlying webpage. Those fact checks are added by independent sources on the web via Google's ClaimReview process for search results.

Needless to say that visual fact-checking is a practice on the rise. After all, Google search is still where people turn for answers and can still play a key role in disseminating data and information about you.

In light of current trends to optimize everything you do online, stand out from your competition and be remembered for exactly what you are and what you provide to the world, please remember these important modern marketing principles:

  1. SEO is King. If you can't be found on Google on the keywords your audience uses to find someone like you, you need to reallocate your marketing dollars and make it a priority to optimize your Search Engine Optimization. A lot of companies are still stuck in the traditional marketing realm of using billboards, expensive magazine ads or print marketing that provides very little ROI. It is time for renewal, for change and for embracing the world wide web for what it can do for you.

  2. Content is Queen: Great content is mandatory if you want to have any time of credibility online. It will work with your SEO efforts to grow both your brand awareness and your sales. Great content means BLOGS, social media posts, articles, emails, videos, webinars and podcasts that bring value to your audience, entertain them, educate them and inspire them. It has to be ultra-branded, meaningful and authentic. BS doesn't work anymore. Be real!

  3. The World Wide Web is a big Highway with growing traffic! It's easy for your prospects to get lost and jump on a vehicle that looks just like yours. Do a check-up on your value proposition and make sure it is SIMPLE. Never forget the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Don't use fancy words nobody understands and focus on solving problems, not tooting your own horn. Key is to be customer-centric and not self-centered. Address their pain points and offer solutions that matter to them.

The miracle recipe is not that complex. It just takes an open-mind, a pinch of creativity and the ability to simplify. Clarity and focus are the two components that will attract eyes on you and make you memorable.

Your brand is your biggest asset. Cater to it well!


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