What are the functions of an Advertising Agency?

Updated: Jan 21

What Are The Functions Of An Advertising Agency?

Advertisements are one of the best ways for brands to get the word out there about themselves. Advertising aims to create a positive impression with its target audience. It enables better sales and improved brand reach.

The role of an advertising agency in Las Vegas is to curate the quality and message of the advertising campaign. They are responsible for helping brands connect better with their audience. Also, they need to make sure that the brands adhere to a budget. That is why hiring a professional ad agency like Sliice Marketing makes sense for your brand.

That said, let’s look at the complete functioning of an ad agency in more detail.

Generating Leads

Leads are the prime focus of any business, and understandably so. Because without quality leads, there are no customers. To this end, it is the ad agency’s responsibility to make sure that their client gets adequate business leads. The entire process of the ad agency is centered around this. The agency gets more leads through curated content, both visual and textual. One of the best ways to gain traction as a brand today is video. The ad agency focuses on which content platform best suits the niche and then creates a campaign—this a broad perspective of how leads are generated for a business.

Formulating A Plan

Once all the market research is done, then the next step would be creating a plan. This considers several factors like niche, audience, target area, and more to come up with a process. An ad agency chalks out a plan that will deliver the most impact in the shortest time. In a way, the goal of an ad agency is to maximize your performance per advertising dollar. A professional ad agency in Las Vegas & Reno might be slightly expensive, but it can deliver much better results than cheaper ones.

Creative Function

It is the core of every ad agency. A creative function is how a team can put their plans into motion. An ad agency needs to be innovative as well as practical about their methods. It involves a huge team with people of various specializations to get done well. Most time, generic teams work on ads, which means the deliverables can be low-quality. A high-end ad agency in Las Vegas like Sliice Marketing has in-house teams for copywriting, illustrations, storyboarding, and videos. It enables brands to keep their message cohesive and produce much better results.

Detailed Market Research

It is perhaps one of the most important parts of an advertising funnel. For any campaign to work well, you need to have data on various aspects. It includes competitor, demographic, and domain analysis. Getting detailed statistics on all of these can give you a fair advantage for your campaign. And, only if you have the correct data, the ad campaign has a chance to go viral. Viral marketing is the best thing that can happen to a brand - it can exponentially improve brand metrics.

Media Planning

Media planning is one of the more critical parts of an ad agency’s function. Post the research phase, this part of the program takes over. The goal of media planning is to ensure that the client has the right type of content to pursue its advertising requirements. It checks if the brand has the proper ad platform to disseminate its campaign. This is important because it can give you an idea about what you need to do for different advertisement campaigns.

Coordinating Various Teams

For an advertising campaign to work, there are a huge number of people or teams involved. Innumerable unique assets are shared and iterated upon during the engagement. An advertising agency needs to coordinate and keep track of the teams involved in the campaign. Without proper communication, there will be a considerable loss in the progress of the campaign. Not to mention the lack of quality and errors that might creep into it, resulting in wasted time and money.

Advertising Budget

An advertising agency needs to come up with an effective budget for the brand. It needs to consider several factors like the type of niche, ad platforms used, and demographics. Through this, you can optimize the spending and maximize results. This is a critical aspect of the pipeline, as it is where the money is gained or lost. Hence it is important to make the right use of the funds or end up overshooting or undercutting the ad campaign. Slice marketing can help you fix the right ad budget for your business.

Carrying Out Sales Promotions

Today’s markets are getting more competitive and difficult as time goes by. There are a lot of brands in the market today. Another factor is that the customer is much more empowered. They have a broader selection of companies to choose from, and they’re growing more finicky as well. Brands are looking for ways to get ahead of their competition. Promotions are a huge part of the current ecosystem because it generates engagement.

PR Activities

Brand reputation has emerged as a vital metric for companies in 2021. Advertising agencies need to work on the public relations of a brand to improve sales and bottom line. It is required because it develops a sense of goodwill between the brand and consumers. A well-executed PR campaign can elevate a brand’s image even when it comes to hiring. It is also an important part of developing a relationship with different media outlets like radio, news, and TV.


Last but not least, accounting is a priority phase that ties all the other phases together. Effective accounting is vital for measuring the effectiveness of your advertising. It also determines the profitability of your ad campaign or if you need to make changes to it. Proper accounting also helps you understand the flow of money in your campaign. It is critical if you have a long-running engagement.

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