If you’re a visionary like I am, you always think forward, dedicated to foresee what’s next and how to pioneer the waves of ever-changing marketing. So many opportunities, so many choices… where should we focus on?

Here are four marketing trends I recommend implementing for optimum return as we are riding the 2020 wave.

Trend #1: It’s a Lifestyle

When some think that the funnel is de

ad as consumers follow non-linear journeys, powerful awarene

ss can’t be built if there is no consistent messaging, whether in a funnel or not. Make it a lifestyle to consider communication from a customer point-of-view while optimizing your customer journey and build value proposition that is always customer-centric, telling stories that educate, inspire or entertain.

Trend #2: Kill the Sales Pitch! Create Conversations

Conversational marketing is highlighted as a key innovation in the latest Gartner hype cycle alongside Artificial Intelligence. Personification and real-time communication will quickly hit the mainstream. User “Natural Language” and “Native” assets will make you appear more authentic and

draw genuine attention. Remember, you are talking to humans who feel joy, fear, anticipation, trust and pride. Speak to them on those levels!

Trend #3: Technology, and more of it!

We live in a world where technology changes by the second. Of course, we can’t be constantly changing our system

s and process, but we can do all we can to select software that will make us save time while supporting our clients’ needs and expectations. The right software provide insights and reveal channels you should be focusing on to improve growth.

Trend #4: Consumer Privacy and KYC

Repeated privacy mistakes by some of the big names have highlighted that our data isn’t safe anymore. Record fines have arisen in 2019. While these are typically the concern of CEOs and CFOs, marketers need to focus on migrating the potential impact of security breaches and reassure customers. Emerging technologies can help as well as “Know Your Customers” Solutions that improve security, reduce fraud and improve insight across multiple device.

Develop your 2020 roadmap keeping in mind those digital trends and integrate an “always-on” marketing attitude. The reality is that we’re heading towards a “hybrid” approach to digital marketing and that those with a “hybrid” mentality will do much better than others!

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