Easy to say...

... not easy to apply. 2020 has been a year where all my senses have been teased, challenged and tested. I have seen the best and the worst one can experience with a cocktail of irrational behaviors, bountiful kindness, out-of-this-world smarts, undeniable abuse of power, muffled lies, callous thefts, mental disorders, childish gullibility and disturbing ignorance.

At times, I was disappointed, discouraged and beaten down. At others, I was lifted up, motivated and dedicated to making my life a wonderfully memorable experience with not an inch of boredom and miles of adventurous discoveries.

I've always known that I was not cast in the typical mold, always challenging the "established", and never satisfied with what was presented as "approved". I never accepted to fall into states of mediocrity to avoid the ups and downs of my life and stay at the very same unsatisfactory boredom that would have slowly killed every inch of my soul. On the contrary, I opted to be the human representation of a roller coaster, reaching low lows but high highs, and therefore often navigating in very turbulent waters.

Because of deep beliefs that are engrained in every particle of my being, and guided by strong principles and ethics that I decided to never separate from, I had to push away those that couldn't see the depths of my DNA to be able to embrace those that had developed enough insight to zoom into what they could highly benefit from.

To these exceptional, intelligent and intuitive human beings, I express a deep gratitude to have had the courage to give me a chance to prove what others wouldn't dare trying. They intuitively knew what was in front of them and opened doors that allowed me to prove myself and thrive.

Some of them are called Ken, Steve, Leif, Greg, Oscar, Erich and David and I know that they will recognize themselves here. All of you have allowed me to grow to become a more adept human being and discover strengths and assets I didn't know I had. You enabled me to blossom a little more.

Thank you for your vision. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your teachings.

Because when things can often be easy to say, they are rarely easy to apply. But because your words meant something to you, your actions always followed.

I will be forever thankful.


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