Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important for All Businesses?

Social media drives us now, and from what it looks like, it is here to stay. The impact of social media on our lives is massive. It is also one of the essential digital marketing tools when you want your business to flourish. And if you are not yet applying this profitable marketing tool for your businesses, you are losing out on a lot.

Several studies say that 97 percent of digital marketers are using social media. But, some businesses are outdoing their competitors with their benefits. Yet, not all businesses are aware of social media marketing’s advantages in Las Vegas & Reno.

At least 50 percent of small businesses do not yet use social media marketing to promote their business. Out of those, almost half do not wish to use social media soon. That is quite alarming.

Now let’s talk about the innumerable benefits of social media marketing.

Social Media Posts Can Attract Much-Needed Traffic

The traffic benefits from proper social media marketing can be overwhelming. No matter which industry you are in, your audience is on social media for sure.

When you post something on your website, Google will take some time to recognize it. Now, how can you make Google notice you faster?

It’s not that complicated. You guessed it right.

The answer is social media.

Once you post on social media about your new content, your audience will click the link and go to your website. It will generate more traffic for your website.

The great thing about social media is that the posts will not only target your existing audience. It will also reach people who search for similar stuff or are interested in similar things. Thus, marketing is quite strategic and targeted. The traffic, too, will be targeted then. This phenomenon will boost your numbers and bring along the kind of people you wish to reach out to.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that 68 percent of American adults are Facebook users.

Among 18 to 24-year-olds, 78 percent use Instagram, and 45 percent are on Twitter. Even among Americans 65 and older, 37 percent are avid social media users. Imagine the kind of traffic you could generate and bring suitable people to your website.

Social Media Helps Build a Relationship with Your Audience

We all prefer to tweet our complaints than waiting for a representative to help us. Just like tweets, the rest of social media has made customer service smoother. Most turn to social media platforms for a suitable solution. A business or a brand can offer support through its social media channels. It helps develop a reputation for being responsive and caring.

The easiest ways to do that include:

1. Respond as fast as possible to queries, concerns

2. Go all out to be helpful and positive

3. Create a foolproof system to track your customers’ questions, complaints on social media

4. Listen to them criticize, thus making them feel like they are being heard

5. When necessary, solve public conversations in private messages

6. Have separate teams for social media and customer service with strong communication. This way, there is no chance of confusion as the two teams know their specific jobs.

These things can often be hard initially, but it will get better with time.

Creates Brand Recognition

Build your brand personality through every social media post that you create. It is always important to find a voice for your brand and then take a stand.

Always ask yourself — does the brand show who we truly are?

Being known as the brand you want to be is one of the essential social media marketing goals. And You can achieve it with perseverance. Your customers would want to buy brands they relate to, and social media allows you to do just that. It is not like traditional media, but it gets out the message much faster and easier.

Some quick tips for building your brand on social media:

1. Do not ignore your profile and cover photos. They are the face of the brand in social media marketing

2. If you know how to place your brand logo, it will make your brand authentic and get your brand recognized

3. Always make sure the visual elements of your brands or business is well represented on your social media channels

Speak to our social media experts in Las Vegas to know more about building your brand.

Using Social Media Marketing for Your Business Will Boost Your Website’s SEO

Re-sharing content that is forever relatable and has no timestamp to it works wonders. Also, you should share new content at the same time.

Re-sharing every evergreen post at least once a month is the key to driving traffic back to already optimized pages. Those will now climb up the ranking ladder much faster.

Re-sharing is not even a heavy task if you use the correct tools. Twitter’s Hootsuite or even Facebook’s scheduling tools, you can schedule for an entire month in a day. And that’s it; you are done.

Tell Your Business’ Story Through Social Media Marketing

You can best portray your business’ mission and vision through social media. Effective stories from existing customers can have a long-lasting impact on the brand image. It helps you to build on that and attract more people alike. Your stories can be simple or even in-depth, depending on what you wish to showcase.

Here are a few tips for building your story:

1. Share stories of your consumers who have been a part of your business on your social media channels.

2. If you have received positive feedback, do share them

3. Share more positive stories and feedback, thus conveying the message that you are reliable

Build Customer Loyalty & Make Your Brand More Reliable Through Social Media Marketing

A Texas Tech University report found that businesses or brands with active social media profiles attract loyal customers.

You may ask why?

But this is quite easy — when you converse with your audience on social media platforms, you are building a relationship. You are helping them out without asking for anything in return. It portrays that you are reliable, and thus they will be loyal. You also value them as human beings and not just for traffic or revenue. Once customers begin trusting you, know that you care about them, it will make a huge difference in the market. You will gain a better position among other businesses.

There’s another way too. You could build brand loyalty for free. Customers enjoy interacting with businesses they like, and it is interesting to know that 53 percent are likely to be loyal to your brand. Moreover, if you have loyal customers, your traffic is bound to increase.

Here are a few tips to help your customers stay loyal:

1. Keep them engaged and happy at all times

2. Offer giveaways such as stickers, batches, sunglasses, hats for extended loyalty

3. Offer discounts, promo codes on social media to get consumers more interested

4. Have interactive question-answer sessions about your business/brand. It helps them to know more about your business as well

Social Media Marketing Is the Perfect Addition to Your Public Relations Strategy

Social media provides you with a more personal space to do the PR for your business. If your consumers have any doubts, they can ask you then and there. It leaves no one as confused as they would be after reading a traditional press release and not enquiring immediately.

Conventional press release distribution has become quite outdated in this day and age. They are indeed an integral part of any business’ marketing strategy, but people tend to get it wrong at times. It results in a waste of one’s time and money, so social media might be the way to go, especially if you want to advertise in Las Vegas & Reno.

Along with PR on social media, it can also help your business get noticed at large events and gatherings and grab the media’s attention. Business promotion as a part of your social media marketing strategy is for sure to benefit from an active social media presence.

Are you conducting a webinar?

Let Facebook and LinkedIn do their magic.

Are you setting up a stall at a trade show to gain consumers?

Social media can help spread your message far and wide. Thus bring in more people to your stall.

Finally, want to raise funds for charity?

A good social media strategy will aid in reaching high-end donors.

The Coolest Part, Social Media Marketing, Is Free!

Create social media profiles for free, post free content, tweet, and go crazy!

However, if you want to reach a larger audience, want your business to be noticed, pay for some promotions on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. It increases exposure. Facebook and Twitter have reasonable promotion plans and budgets for you to choose from.

Here are a few easy tips to follow:

1. Advertise on social media but pay for it to get a good reach

2. Post organic content for free but keep in mind not to make it look like an ad

3. Tweet evergreen content several times a month, which is also free but use suitable hashtags to increase its reach

Social Media Marketing Can Help Retarget Your Audience

Typically, only two percent of your customers will invest in the business to buy something at one go. Retargeting could be an essential tool in social media marketing. You can do this through advertisements that will help you reach the remaining 98 percent.

Retargeting ads work on a simple formula. They keep a list of people visiting your website and then place anonymous cookies in their browser. So the consumers will see your business ads even when they are not on your site. You can find a lot of tools to do retargeting that can help you promote your business.

Facebook ads that we notice every day are usually customized according to age, location, industry, education, and often a consumer’s previous behavior.

E.g., if you have searched for something you have shown interest in it, Facebook ads can customize that to show you more similar content.

Tips for retargeting through ads:

1. You might want to install a Facebook pixel on your website to understand your customers’ behavior and retarget the ads accordingly

2. With time, the retargeting will get better. Facebook, or any other social media platform, will understand what consumers are more likely to click on or purchase. Then they will show it to more such users whose clicks will turn into confirmed sales or leads

Social Media Marketing Helps Your Business to Gain Authority

Well, who doesn’t want to be an industry leader? One should find ways to showcase their expertise as a leader of the industry to grow their business. Convey your company’s mission, what your business offers, and your values for potential consumers to have faith in you.

Join Facebook groups and interact, answer queries on Quora, respond to tweets. Social media provides a ton of options for you to showcase your expertise, promote your business. This strategy has to be used daily to reach a larger audience.

Your answers will also come up on Google search and other social media platforms, which others will share. When shared, other people will be referred to, which increases the reach even further. New leads will be formed. They will also need to be impressed by your information and expertise. Then they will visit your website too and show interest in your business.

Social media has thus become more and more important with each passing day. But it isn’t rocket science. Follow each step to engage with your consumers. With time, your social media presence will get stronger, thus leading to more consumer engagement. It will further increase brand and customer loyalty.

Are you looking for a social media marketing agency in Las Vegas? Give us a call at 775.313.8944 today!

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