A Great Time to Build a Business...

..says Mark Cuban.

Because a lot of people have more time on their hands than they know what to do with, the smart ones are becoming creative, recognizing opportunities to pivot their business or create brand new ones.

History proves that fortunes have been made after downturns, as those who find the courage to build while destruction surrounds them rise above the rest.


Right now, we are experiencing an unprecedented rise in screen time and an estimated 25% in social media engagement. Online traffic has dramatically increased, making it a perfect time to use SEO strategies to climb to the top of Google results for more visibility.

It is also the right moment to use PPC advertising or social media paid ads, as the same number of impressions can be achieved for a lower spend. And because people spend most of their time behind their computer screen, your chance of them taking action is high. It just has to be done right.


Let's be honest and realistic, some businesses won't make it, which will create space for new ones to rise. Those who will leverage the all digital world will be able to grab available market shares, if their strategies are on point and if they develop a digital presence that properly reflects their brand and core offering. Indeed, they will be able to create unique key value propositions and content that will attract the right audiences, and allow them to grow a lot faster than normal.

Key is to take action, and do it now as the window of opportunity won't last forever. Timing is everything. But you have to focus on the possibilities, not the hurdles. You have to find the courage to go after your dreams, and not let fear paralyze you and keep you down.


War times test our inner strengths. They tease those who claim to have courage and resilience to show they can actually use these qualities to change their life and impact the world. These times create heroes. Are you one of them?

I can't wait to see who will rise and dare to challenge the inextricable and invisible enemy, and use his/her strength and courage to rise. And if you need a little push, and some critical guidelines, get the book THE MILLENNIAL SAMURAI written by George Chanos. It will teach you how to thrive in the 21st Century, and for a limited period of time, you can download it FREE.

To the hero in you,


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