7 Marketing Trends for 2021

It is time to wave goodbye to 2020, a year that's challenged all of us in unexpected ways. It's also a year that forced many to reevaluate their on line presence. What will 2021 bring? Here are a few trends to keep in mind while developing your strategy.

1. Social Media to Become a Top Channel for eSales: Because they have made it easier to purchase products online, social media platforms have gained momentum in the eSales space as they created a simple path to purchase. With social commerce sales projected to grow into 2021, retailers are wisely adapting to these platforms to leverage their power and presence.

2. Virtual Events are Here to Stay: As we move into 2021, many events will remain virtual not only because of safety concerns but also because of precious lessons learned in 2020. By going virtual, many were able to open up to new and wider audiences and were able to reach higher attendance levels and ROI. The recipe is to be creative and have speakers who bring true value with not only their entertainment edge but their inspiration one.

3. SEO to Drive Organic Visibility: If you really want to gear up in 2021, take advantage of Search Engine Optimization. Social media platforms are becoming more and more search-friendly without having to use hashtags. Using SEO and social media consistently will be a game-changer for marketers as posts should get more visibility and extend their reach.

4. Brick & Mortar Stores Will Embrace the Shift to Online Shopping: Our "new normal" has had businesses pivot to ensure sales keep coming and to do so, they had to optimize their online presence. You will see more online classes, online shopping options, online meetings and local delivery with reduced shipping fees. All brands should consider setting up retargeting ads and focus on user experience with seamless checkout processes to increase their conversion rates.

5. Brands will Have to "Humanize": As consumers are becoming smarter, they are asking for transparency and authenticity. In 2021, don't be afraid to be vulnerable and humble and shout out loud what you stand for. This means adjusting and modernizing your brand's key value proposition and overall positioning if it's not 100% on point. People buy more from a company they trust and respect and it's a trend that will grow this coming year.

6. Flexibility will Fuel Success: We live in uncertain waters and the ability to adjust your marcom strategies will be essential to grab additional market shares. Prepare yourself for unprecedented changes and pivots because they will probably come our way and success will show its face to the ones that are nimble.

7. The LinkedIn Culture Will Favor Transparency: As we all know, 2020 was a pivot year for LinkedIn that rolled out LinkedIn live, Events, Polls and Stories. This coming year, if you are in the B2B field, embrace the platform's new features and content formats and engage in conversational content to build meaningful relationships. Create polls that your audience will want to participate in, ask open-ended questions and share candid photos from your workday in stories. 2021 will be a game-changer for LinkedIn marketers if they do it right.

I wish you all a very successful 2021. May it witness your ability to imagine, create and succeed beyond real or imaginary barriers.

Catherine | Sliice Marketing

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