We live in interesting times. Times where we are all challenged to learn how to control our minds. Fear can be overwhelming, creating anxiety and ailments that weaken our immune system and take us down.

We have the ability to master our own minds. We can prevent it to wander in the wrong places. Because our thoughts become our reality, we need to focus them on positive outcomes, even if it seems impossible to do so. In these moments of uncertainty, it is not only our duty but it is our responsibility to stay strong, not just for our own sake but for the sake of those around us that need it the most.

Let's not lure each other. In times of war (yes this is one of them), we need each other to be strong. We need to stay focused, relaxed and positive because we depend on each other to keep our economy going and rebuild what has been weakened.


Going from running 100 miles per hour to having more time on our hands than we know what to do with can feel like a mammoth undertaking.

Being able to relax is the first step to getting in touch with the deepest areas of our inner self and discover what can guide us to unveil truths that can be life changing. Managing our internal dialogue is essential. It will ground us in the present moment, slow down our heart and respiration rate, and reduce feelings of anxiety, giving us the ability to remain focused. Our mind moves to a place of stillness, reducing the fearful self-talk that produces negative outcomes. The feelings of vulnerability decrease and are replaced with increased problem-solving skills and an overall sense of well-being.


The hyper-modernized society we've been living in all of our life has prevented us from taking the time to smell the roses, to feel our surroundings and to hear critical guidance. We are so terribly bad at letting our brains have clear space. Instead of relaxing and enjoying time idling along with our brains in neutral, our neurons are always in gear position ready to sprint in split seconds. Because we've been conditioned to react on demand, we have become slaves of modern times that favor robotic, adjusted, controlled behavior versus poised, still and patient one.

Consciously switching off from problem-solving is not going to have you arrested by the moral police, or have you disappoint your boss and lose your job. It is not time wasted. It is time well spent. It is not showing weakness. It is showing power and self-confidence. It is not showing sheep-like behavior, it is demonstrating powerful leadership. When we practice staying still, we may discover areas of our inner self that may gear our life in a more peaceful, more rewarding and overall more fulfilling space.


Saying "no" can be scary as we will anger those we say no to. It is much easier to be a "Yes Man" but yes men create "vanilla" relationships that generate "vanilla" results and "vanilla" progress. It is much easier to constantly seek approval and affection, to feel needed and included than to be rejected because we stand strong for something we believe in. Yes men have never made history. Ask Einstein, Plato or Elon Musk. It is time to have the guts to stand for what we believe in. It is time to be heroes of our own thoughts, and stand strong to honor them.

Let's not forget that every time we agree to something we aren't greatly excited about, we waste energy on things that don't

matter. And because time has become our most valuable currency, we waste possible life-changing discoveries and progress. Constantly saying "yes" can result in people ending up disregarding us, taking us for granted, denting our self esteem and our hero powers. Let's not spread ourselves too thin! Let's practice saying "no" and use our most valuable time and energy to build upon what we strongly believe in.


To fully be, we need to hit the pause button and cater to the genius inside of us. Now is a great time to do so.

Let's not give fear the power to destroy all that we have built and gained over the past decade. We have fought and worked much too hard to let the current events destroy it all in a snap.

Let's have the guts to be heroes, to stand tall together even if we can't be physically close. Because social distancing doesn't negate social interactions. We just need to adapt how we socialize. Modern geniuses of the web are now giving birth to earth-shattering tools that we help us build smarter communities that will not only protect us, but that will inspire us to improve our life in ways we couldn't imagine before.

I trust that we will all work together to build a new era, one that will allow us to find the strength to awaken the hero within, and to have the guts to stand up for what we believe in, and not give in to the path of least resistance.


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