Needless to say... Facebook is doing well. With an 11% increase in the number of people actively using Facebook, the social media platform has experienced a boom, ignited not only by people staying home and the time they spend behind their computer but also by companies' decision-makers who see this as a golden goose.

While many of use are tired of Facebook, disappointed in their ethics or upset about their privacy breach that has impacted millions, we can't but recognize that it offers an undeniable opportunity to make some noise, gain brand awareness and draw attention.

Many of my clients have asked me to create Facebook ads to generate traffic to their newly designed site, to a book page they just launched, or to let the world know about a new way of doing things... The trampoline effect is dramatic as they generate thousands of views and website visits at one of the lowest Cost Per Result rates I have seen in my lifetime.

Now is a window of opportunity to grab. Allocating some of your marketing dollars to the digital advertising world is not only smart, it is necessary as that world, the one we have just discovered, the one changed forever by COVID 19, won't shift its direction. It's for sure heading to new galaxies uncovering new ways of thinking while drawing a set that looks like a mix of A.I., The Matrix and Prometheus.

Because online competition is coming to become more fierce by the day, it is vital to remain "in tune" with what is happening. It is no longer outside of us. It is now part of who we are, deeply engrained in our DNA. It will change drastically in the next few years, giving birth to the a new social media wave that will not isolate us anymore, but instead bring us together in ways we can't yet comprehend.

I challenge you to watch for these new entrants, as they are silently entering our galaxy bringing us back some of the ethics, principles and communities we thought we had lost forever....

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