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LinkedIn Updates its Campaign Manager

A full funnel experience will now help you achieve your goals even faster!

LinkedIn’s latest version of Campaign Manager is the next step in their effort to give marketers the tools they need to be more successful on LinkedIn. These new objectives include:

  • Brand awareness: Marketers can now increase share-of-voice for their product or services through top of funnel campaigns that charge by impressions (e.g. cost per thousand or CPM).  
  • Website conversions: Built on a tighter integration with the conversion tracking tool so marketers can create campaigns that are optimized for specific actions on their website, like purchases, downloads or event registrations.
  • Job applicants: LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers who are trying to drive applications on LinkedIn or their own site, can now create ads using Campaign Manager. 

With the improved Campaign Manager, LinkedIn is optimizing their click pricing to align with your objective. If you select website visits as your objective, you will only be charged for clicks that go to your landing page. For social engagement campaigns, pricing will be optimized for all social actions (likes, comments, shares, etc.).

Something you may wan to leverage for your business! Here to assist if you so wish!

To your lasting success!


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