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How to Develop Superfans Who Evangelize Your Brand

Interested in getting people who absolutely love your business? Wondering how to develop a connected online community that elevates your brand?

But why would I need Superfans?” you would ask?

The main reason is that it’s getting harder to reach people who say they want to hear from you through your social media channels and emails. Your superfans will help spread your words as they will go out of their ways to make sure they have you in their life. And they will talk about you to their own friends and fans. It’s a little like a snowball effect. The more people see you and love you, the more they share about you and your brand.

Make sense? Now, the first thing you’ll need to do is define your ideal “fan” and make it a “persona” you want to relate with. Then, we need to transform this fan into an active superfan for your brand. How do we do that? By nurturing relationships with them and make it fun, by providing them with magical moments and experiences you create for them.

In addition to continuing to be your customers over time, they will attract new people to your business with the most authentic energy. This more than anything will grow your customer base without any extra advertising effort on your part.

Key is to come up with THE RIGHT CONTENT! Yes, it’s all about that… content! Remember as you develop it. It needs to be:
1. Educational
2. Entertaining
3. Inspiring

Build your network of Superfans, provide them with the level of service they deserve, make them laugh, soothe them and educate them and you’ll have them for life!

To your lasting success!

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