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How to Create Content that Works!

When you create content, you don’t just want people to see it, read it, and move on with their lives. You want them to come back again and again, using the content you’ve created as a point of reference. However, creating that kind of content can be a challenge. There are some aspects your content needs to boast to become that often-referenced how-to guide, though, and with a little work and dedication you can incorporate those aspects into anything you produce.

Tip #1: Teach Your Audience How To Do Something

If you’re creating content that you want people to come back to time and time again, then the sort of content you should focus on is educational content; a how-to, in other words. Because when you make content that teaches someone how to do something, they aren’t just going to read or watch it once and move on. They’re going to come back time and time again, until they’re sure they’ve got the process right.

This holds true no matter what you’re teaching someone to do. Whether it’s a recipe for making the perfect angel food cake, a video for how to change the oil in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck, or an article about how to fold an origami crane, step-by-step instructions are what people will return to dozens of times when they’re trying to accomplish something.

Tip #2: Go In-Depth With Your Content

The more in-depth your instructional content goes, the more often people are going to refer back to it. Just remember that a detailed guide is just easier to have open for reference when you’re trying to do something, and it’s also thought of as a better reference than a guide that lacks some of the critical information that a more in-depth source presents.

A detailed guide has another advantage, as well; people are more likely to share it over a less-detailed guide.

That is where you really get extra return on your investment. Because when people find your guides useful and robust, they tell all their friends about said guide. That increases your potential audience, and gives you even more people who may read, reference your guide during their own projects, and then share them with their extended group. If you lay it all out for your audience, they will make sure as many people see your content as possible without you having to lift another finger.

Tip #3: Make Your Content Engaging, and Easy To Follow

It’s not enough to simply have an educational piece of content that teaches your audience how to accomplish a particular task. That content also has to be engaging, relatable, and easy to follow. Which can be particularly tough to do if you are writing a how-to guide for a difficult or complicated task.

This is why it’s important to make sure you have a guide that is easy to read, and which provides ample help so that all readers can make it from start to finish without losing important information along the way.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your content has clarity, and that you use as many different kinds of media to make your point as possible. For example, if you’re writing a how-to article about creating a website, then you might want to intersperse the text with videos showing how to access certain menus and select the right content. Alternatively, if you’re writing a guide for something like how to change an air filter in a car, you should make sure to add plenty of photos so your reader can follow along. Simple, clear language should do the rest!

For more tips on how you can get your audience to keep coming back to your content as a reference, simply contact us today!

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